Antanas Minkevicius. Photographer. Antanas Minkevicius. Photographer.


Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 69954821

I'm professional people & event photographer. I shoot mostly wedding and people celebration events for 6 years. I've shot ~50 weddings and created a lot of Love Stories of warm hearted couples. I started it when I saw it and could show the world the way I see it. Every image I make has it's story. I'm honored by people who choses me to celebrate life together.

In addition I shoot corporate events and do product or other still works. I've done various projects with business or industry companies. It includes culture, sports, commercial events. Also jewelry, food, package, interior and other stills. Please look into corporate portfolio for images and more details.

I work everywhere - on location and in studio (wich is also my office in Vilnius, Lithuania).